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Top 10 Worst Films of 2014

Overall 2014 was a very good year for film. But, as always, there were some stinkers. Here's our list of the 10 worst.

December 23, 2014 Features, List
Oscar nominations 2013 0

2013 Oscar Nominations – Full List and Predictions

Read the full list of 2013 Oscar nominations, as well as our predictions, here

January 10, 2013 Features
Lincoln - trailers for trailers, enough is enough 3

Lincoln Teaser: Enough is Enough With Trailers for Trailers

Are you as sick of trailers for trailers as we are

September 11, 2012 Features, Trailers
Liebster Award Blog-a-thon header 0

Liebster Award Blog-a-thon

Taking part in the Liebster Award Blog-a-thon, giving a few facts about myself as well as answering a few questions and asking some to others.

August 09, 2012 Features
Thoughts On Film - List - 5 OTHER Annoying Things About Going to the Cinema 9

List: 5 Other Annoying Things About Going to the Cinema

We are all irritated by overpriced tickets, noisy food and people using their phones but what else is annoying about going to the cinema

August 06, 2012 Features, List
the dark knight rises 2

Which Movie Will Win the Summer Money Battle?

There are a lot of big summer movies coming out over the next few months. But which of them will make the most money

April 20, 2012 Features
Oscars 2012 predictions 0

Oscars 2012: Predictions

The time has come once again for the Oscars, a night of glitz, glamour and angry reactions at the wrong films and people winning. We

February 24, 2012 Features
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