James Bond is one of the cinema’s most iconic characters – one who is always finding himself in tight spots but always manages to find a way out of them. Six actors have now played 007 throughout the 23 films and we have a new one due this year in the form of Spectre. In honour of this, here are five of his best scenes.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

Thunderball (1965) – Jetpack James

This Sean Connery Bond film revolves around the recovery of nuclear warheads that have been stolen by SPECTRE and one of the most memorable moments sees Bond leave a chateau in France using a jetpack rocket belt – surely one of his coolest gadgets ever?

Live and Let Die (1973) – Crocodile Hopscotch

The first of Roger Moore’s Bond outings, this has Bond trying to defeat a drugs kingpin called Kananga and in one scene he is left on an island surrounded by waters full of alligators. Being Bond, he simply escapes by skipping over the backs of these potential killers, without losing even a single toe.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – Don’t Marry Bond

If Bond never seemed the marrying kind – it’s probably just as well when you see what happens to his wives. Australian George Lazenby plays 007 in this film and takes on Blofeld, who is planning to blackmail the world through germ warfare. He also falls in love with Tracy Di Vicenzo, only for her to be shot through the head moments after the wedding.

GoldenEye (1995) – Baccarat Beating

It’s not often Bond is a loser in the casino, but this 1995 outing where Pierce Brosnan’s 007 has to save the world from a deadly space weapon, sees him soundly beaten at baccarat in Monte Carlo – by Xenia Onatopp. Of course, being Bond he responds by winning the next round comprehensively, but still…


Casino Royale (2006) – Opening Chase

Daniel Craig’s first Bond movie saw him taking on Le Chiffre, who funds terrorism, but the opening scene where he chases a bomb manufacturer sums up the new Bond. While his prey is nimble and agile, Bond bludgeons everything in his path, before administering the kill shot. Not subtle, but effective.

Whilst his casino skills could benefit from a few games at a casino online, James Bond is set to remain an iconic figure, with the new film sure to enhance his appeal even further. Spectre is due for release in November 2015 and promises to be another action packed adventure for Bond.