Lincoln Teaser: Enough is Enough With Trailers for Trailers 3 162

Lincoln - trailers for trailers, enough is enough

Yesterday an early teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming historical biopic Lincoln, starring the incomparable Daniel Day-Lewis, popped up online (you can view it below if you haven’t seen it already). It’s a perfectly acceptable teaser for a film that’s still a ways off (January 25th 2013 in the UK, November 16th 2012 in the US) and once again hints at the uncanny likeness of Day-Lewis to the titular President himself.

However, it perpetuates a trend I – and I’m sure many others – have come to notice over the last while; it’s a trailer for a trailer. Boasting at the end that the World Trailer Premiere will occur on Google Play on Thursday September 13th, it essentially says “you’ve just watched a tiny glimpse but just wait for the REAL glimpse in a few days!” This needs to stop.

A trailer is supposed to be an early taste of what we can expect from a movie come its release. Sometimes they give away too much and by the time it actually opens in cinemas you feel like you’ve already seen the whole plot beat-by-beat. Sometimes, and hopefully, they do exactly what they’re suppose to; give you a feel for the movie and a sample of what’s to come without giving away all the secrets.

These trailers for trailers are taking the idea of teasing the audience so far that the desired effect of the audience wanting to see the movie itself is replaced instead by an annoyance of just wanting to see the full trailer without, essentially, being told “just wait!”

As I said, this is a trend and as such the Lincoln teaser is not the first time we’ve seen the trailer for a trailer. Other recent examples include Total Recall, Prometheus and Looper, to name but a few, all of which promised more footage in the full trailer with an annoying teaser teaser. It’s ridiculous – enough is enough.

Trailers have worked just fine up until now, we don’t need trailers for them too!

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    1. I think that’s about the best thing to do – not watch them and maybe Hollywood will take notice by the lack of views. We can always hope.

  1. I know this post is about criticizing the trend to give away information in the tiniest bits possible, which I agree can at times be a bit annoying. We at movie aim to gather all info that we find valid and important on just one site per movie, so that fans don’t have to go through the pain of digging everything up themselves. On you can find all the info on Lincoln.

    Through our twitter feed @moviepilotcom you are always in the loop when new things happen.

    Keep up the good spirit and don’t get too annoyed, even if the movie industry makes it hard for us at times.

    Your team from movie

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Top 5 Great Christmas Movies to Watch on NOW TV 0 219


It’s Christmas time and you know what that means – cramming in as many viewings of festive films as is humanly possible!

I’ve found Sky’s NOW TV Movies service to be a great source for this sort of thing, not only because of the great free trial ( 🙂 ) but also because they have a great selection, from stone cold classics to hidden gems that are well worth seeking out.

If you’re stuck for Christmas movies to watch and you wanna’ give the service a go, below I’ve rustled up a little top 5 list:

Elf (2003)


For years there had been many Christmas movies that got firmly into the festive spirit but then along came this absolute gem that features the festive spirit in human form. Will Ferrell gives one of his most memorable and hilarious performances as Buddy, a man raised in the company of elves who discovers his real father (James Caan) lives in New York and so sets off on adventure to reunite with him, causing havoc wherever he goes. Cheesy though it may be, it’s nevertheless an eminently quotable, joyously fun celebration of all things Christmas that’s simply a must-watch this time of year.

Bad Santa (2003)


If Elf is the absolute personification of Christmas then Bad Santa is the poisonous antidote for anyone who hates this season and everything for which it stands. Billy Bob Thornton is the hilarious obnoxious, foul-mouthed, child-hating Grinch who only chooses to dress up as a mall Santa in December so he can rob the stores at night with the help of his faithful dwarf “elf” sidekick Marcus (the incomparable Tony Cox). It’s not one for the easily offended but for those with a very dark, cynical sense of humour it’s an absolute hoot.

Die Hard (1988)


“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

It doesn’t get much more classic than this action movie milestone starring Bruce Willis as NYPD Detective John McClane who finds himself up against a smart group of terrorists, led by the ruthless Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), at a Christmas Eve party in the Nakatomi Plaza building. Great set-pieces that are grounded in at least some sort of reality, a terrific hero in John McClane, some insanely quotable dialogue and an all-time great villain add to make for arguably the single greatest action movie ever made. Modern day action movies – the increasingly superfluous and ridiculous follow-ups included – could go back and learn a thing or two from this.

Trading Places (1983)


This sublime lifestyle-trading comedy from director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, The Blues Brothers) centres on a wily street con artist (Eddie Murphy) and a snobbish business investor (Dan Aykroyd) who suddenly find themselves living each other’s lifestyles as part of a cynical bet between two callous millionaires. This was one of the films that helped make Eddie Murphy a megastar (it was his second feature after 48 Hrs.) and he’s one top form as the quick-witted, sarcastic Billy Ray Valentine. Aykroyd is equally great as the down-on-his luck Louis Winthorpe III in a film that explores racial and class stereotypes while never forgetting its primary purpose of making you laugh.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)


Christmas movies don’t always have to be warm, fuzzy and family-friendly as this jet black and hilarious crime comedy from the one and only Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3) goes to show. A pre-Iron Man/mega fame Robert Downey Jr. stars as Harry Lockhart, a thief-turned-actor who gets involved in all sorts of murder and kidnapping hijinks alongside private detective “Gay Perry” (Val Kilmer) in the not-so-jolly land of Hollywood. Like Bad Santa, this isn’t for the easily offended but it’s got an absolutely wonderful script chalk full of some of the best, most self-aware dialogue (often spoken directly to the audience via RDJ’s snarky narration) so far this century, poking fun at everything from movie star vanity to the tropes of Hollywood movies themselves.

That’s it for our list. What are your favourite Christmas movies? Remember, if you fancy watching any of the movies above make sure to sign up for NOW TV Movies!

Note: This was a paid sponsored post but was entirely written by me and of my own opinion.

Final Predictions For Star Wars: The Force Awakens 0 213


Note: This is article was written not having seen the film so it’s SPOILER FREE UNLESS EXPLICITLY STATED.

Well, it’s finally… almost here.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens premiered this week and will be widely released on Thursday in the UK and Friday in the U.S. Although there aren’t many early indications, the ones we’ve seen are positive. A host of prominent celebrities filed out of the premiere on Monday evening, and though they were generally wonderful about avoiding spoilers, the overall tone was hard to miss: they loved it. From Patton Oswalt to Rob Lowe, the lucky few who caught the early screening were positively gushing in vague tweets.

But enough about expectations and early impressions. Pretty much everyone who’s interested in Star Wars is hoping for (and in many cases expecting) a genuine triumph from J.J. Abrams. What many of us are more curious about isn’t whether or not this will be a good film, but rather who and what we’re about to see on screen. Who’s the main protagonist? Where is Luke Skywalker hiding in all the posters and trailers? Is there a new Sith lord? Will any older characters make surprise reappearances?

These are the questions that have been been keeping Star Wars fans up at night throughout most of 2015. And just for fun before the film finally reaches the cinema, here’s one last round of predictions to ponder.

Chewbacca Will Not Die


Naturally there’s been a great deal of ridiculously detailed analysis of the trailers for The Force Awakens, and one of the most popular theories to come out of it all is that we’ve been shown hints that Chewbacca will die in the new film. The case is certainly compelling when you’re looking at things clip-by-clip with the theory in front of you… but then again, J.J. Abrams has gone out of his way to express that the trailers are hardly showing us anything of consequence. And rest assured, this is a director with enough attention to detail to know exactly what dedicated fans will make of footage. Thus, any rumour coming entirely out of trailer footage is hard to take too seriously. Plus, while Abrams likely wouldn’t be too shy to kill an old hero or two, offing Chewbacca just seems cruel.

Rey Will Be The Jedi Hero


Be warned: there’s a very slight spoiler included in this theory, and it’s related to how much each of the main characters actually has to do with the film. More specifically, LA Times writer Steven Zeitchik saw fit to tweet out his own “list of cast prominence.” In that list (again, spoiler alert), Zeitchik listed Daisy Ridley (who plays Rey) as the most prominent cast member, which suggests she’s the main character we’re looking for. We do see Finn (John Boyega) wielding a lightsaber in the trailers, but there’s always a chance Rey takes the lead as the “main” Jedi, so to speak.

Yoda, Obi-Wan, & Anakin Will Appear


A while back, before the cast of The Force Awakens was announced and we learned for sure that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher would be reprising their roles, odds were posted as to which characters would appear in Episode VII. The main focus was on Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia, but at the time, odds were also offered for the likes of Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin Skywalker. And now, on the eve of the film’s release, all three of them seem almost suspiciously forgotten. Abrams is considered something of a master of misdirection. With all the focus on the three main characters of the original trilogy returning, as well as all the exciting new elements, these three vital characters have been dismissed. Don’t be shocked if they show up in some sort of vision similar to what Luke witnessed at the end of Return Of The Jedi.

Han Will Kill Captain Phasma


With all the focus on mysterious new villain Kylo Ren, the bizarre super-Stormtrooper Captain Phasma (portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, who famously plays Brienne of Tarth on Game Of Thrones) is flying under the radar. The character has been described as “Boba Fett-like,” however, which indicates she could become a fan favourite. She could also become a disposable sub-villain, though. We all know Han Solo had serious beef with Boba Fett, and frankly it’s more realistic for Han to take on someone like this than, say, a Sith warrior. Fans will be hoping for some kind of great Han triumph, and offing the character who’s expected to be similar to his old nemesis seems fitting.

Snoke Will Be A Sensation


There are a ton of rumours floating around regarding Supreme Leader Snoke, a behind-the-scenes Sith lord who’s been lurking around the Star Wars saga from the beginning. One incredibly fun theory even suggests that Jar Jar Binks was Snoke all along, and frankly it’s so convincing that there’s the tiniest chance this is really the case. But it’s still extraordinarily unlikely. What we do know is that Andy Serkis (who jokingly confirmed the rumour) is depicting Supreme Leader Snoke through motion capture. And when Serkis jumps into a motion capture suit, majestic things tend to happen. This is the same guy who brought the likes of Smeagol (Lord of the Rings and Caesar (the newer Planet Of The Apes films) to life. Simply put, he doesn’t mess around. Even if he has only a minimal role in Episode VII, expect Snoke to steal any scene he’s in.

That about does it for a final round of theories. Oh, and Luke hasn’t gone to the dark side—it’s just too hard to believe. Right? Right!?