Yesterday an early teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming historical biopic Lincoln, starring the incomparable Daniel Day-Lewis, popped up online (you can view it below if you haven’t seen it already). It’s a perfectly acceptable teaser for a film that’s still a ways off (January 25th 2013 in the UK, November 16th 2012 in the US) and once again hints at the uncanny likeness of Day-Lewis to the titular President himself.

However, it perpetuates a trend I – and I’m sure many others – have come to notice over the last while; it’s a trailer for a trailer. Boasting at the end that the World Trailer Premiere will occur on Google Play on Thursday September 13th, it essentially says “you’ve just watched a tiny glimpse but just wait for the REAL glimpse in a few days!” This needs to stop.

A trailer is supposed to be an early taste of what we can expect from a movie come its release. Sometimes they give away too much and by the time it actually opens in cinemas you feel like you’ve already seen the whole plot beat-by-beat. Sometimes, and hopefully, they do exactly what they’re suppose to; give you a feel for the movie and a sample of what’s to come without giving away all the secrets.

These trailers for trailers are taking the idea of teasing the audience so far that the desired effect of the audience wanting to see the movie itself is replaced instead by an annoyance of just wanting to see the full trailer without, essentially, being told “just wait!”

As I said, this is a trend and as such the Lincoln teaser is not the first time we’ve seen the trailer for a trailer. Other recent examples include Total Recall, Prometheus and Looper, to name but a few, all of which promised more footage in the full trailer with an annoying teaser teaser. It’s ridiculous – enough is enough.

Trailers have worked just fine up until now, we don’t need trailers for them too!