Adaptations of popular comics and graphic novels show no signs of slowing down. The latest to get picked up for the big-screen is Tag, a graphic novel originally created and written as a comic book by Keith Giffen, and the studio has already found its director to bring it to life.

Deadline has the news that John Leonetti has been tapped by Fox to direct the adaptation. He made a name for himself as the cinematographer on Insidious and The Conjuring before directing doll-themed spinoff Annabelle. Even though it was a lacklustre horror (that’s being kind!), it made an impressive $255 million at the box office on a meager $6.5 million budget. Oh, he did also direct the Mortal Kombat sequel but let’s just try and forget about that one, shall we?…

So just what the hell is Tag? Well, for those unfamiliar the outlandish premise follows a normal man who is “tagged” by a mysterious stranger and when he returns home he finds that his body has started decomposing before his eyes. Then, in a Ring-esque quandary, must figure out the origin of the curse and whether or not he should pass it on to someone else knowing fine well the consequences for them.

It looks like the adaptation might be either changing some things or taking things a lot further because exact details are being kept under lock and key but it’s being described as, “a psychological thriller with elements of supernatural horror and focus on a female protagonist.” The latter makes me think of the underrated horror from last year named Contracted.

The project was set up at Universal but when they did nothing with it, rights reverted back to BOOM! Studios who then set it up at Fox as part of a first-look deal. The script for the adaptation has been written by Ben Collins and Piotrowski, who wrote the upcoming drama-horror Stephanie.

Leonetti most recently wrapped shooting on The Wolves at the Door. A release date for Tag is TBA.

Source: Deadline