HBO has debuted a trailer for upcoming feature film Nightingale that stars David Oyelowo. Directed by Elliot Lester (the Jason Statham flick Blitz) and written by first-time writer Frederick Mensch, Nightingale delves into the disturbed mind of a war veteran who’s beginning to unravel.

HBO described the film as “a provocative drama that probes the darkest corners of a disturbed mind, as a war veteran begins to unravel thread by thread. This searing story of solitude and isolation offers a poignant look at how life has failed one man.”

Check out the trailer below:

Writer Frederick Mensch submitted his script to and executive producer presented it to director Elliot Lester. The two took the script to BN Films who agreed to finance and produce the film.

This is the first time we will have seen Oyelowo in a role since his Golden Globe nominated role as Martin Luther King in Selma and if theis trailer is anything to go by, the hype surrounding this actor is only going to continue.

Nightingale is set for May 29th in the U.S., no word on the UK just yet.