In what I’m sure will rival Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy, it looks like they’re moving ahead with another movie in the Shanghai Noon/Knights franchise, with stars Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson set to return.

Kidding aside, Tracking-Board has the exclusive on the story that the studio is, indeed, bringing us another installment in the comedy-action franchise, this time entitled Shanghai Dawn. Only Chan and Wilson are set to return at this point, with a writer currently being sought and no word of a director as of yet.

Shanghai Noon was a fun first movie and a decent size hit upon release, making a loveable new comedy action duo out of Chan and Wilson, the former of whom had already struck that chord with Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. The sequel Shanghai Knights, which saw the duo head to England for another haphazard adventure, wasn’t as well received – maybe the change in director from Tom Dey to David Dobkin had something to do with that? – making a fair bit less money at the box office than its predecessor.

Immediate plans for a third film were then put on the back-burner but perhaps the 12 years away will allow them to come at the franchise with fresh ideas on how to make it as good as it once was. I’m just glad they’re bringing back Chan and Wilson as trying to recast it as a Shanghai: The Next Generation sort of thing would be disastrous.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on news about Shanghai Dawn as we hear it.

Source: Tracking-Board