He’s currently enjoying a great sense of achievement with the monumental $1.3 billion (and counting!) box office success of Fast & Furious 7, and now director James Wan is turning his sights to popular ’80s anime series Robotech.

Deadline reports that the horror-turned-action director (before F&F7 he created horror franchises Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring) is in talks with Sony to step behind the camera for the Robotech adaptation, which the studio is eyeing to be the new big worldwide franchise. Could this be the next Transformers? Hmm…

The director would be working from a script by Michael Gordon, who co-wrote the historical action epic 300. In case you’re not in the know already, the original Robotech was itself based on several Japanese series and focused on people on Earth using alien technology they found in a crashed spaceship to fight off extraterrestrial invasions, including creating giant transformable mecha.

Robotech will follow in the footsteps of two other planned Westernized anime-to-live-action adaptations, the long-gestating Akira and Ghost in the Shell projects. It’s a style that’s so intrinsically Japanese in nature but Robotech sounds like it would translate a bit better than Akira or Ghost in the Shell would; just look at Pacific Rim, for example, which meshed together Eastern and Western sensibilities with great aplomb.

Wan is a hot filmmaking property at the moment, not only because of his recent F&F7 success but because he’s lined up to make The Conjuring 2 next year. He also has a graphic novel adaptation Malignant Man and is linked to DC’s highly anticipated Aquaman. Wan has more than shown he is capable of stepping up and delivering some seriously entertaining action and I have no doubt he’d bring that same vim to Robotech if he decides to sign on the dotted line.

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Source: Deadline