Get ready for more ultra violent, tongue-in-cheek spy action as it looks like the Matthew Vaughn spy throwback Kingsman: The Secret Service may be getting a sequel over at Fox.

The Wrap exclusively reports that while the studio hasn’t officially announced anything yet, there are individuals with knowledge of the project that say it’s definitely in the works.

Based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and David Gibbons and released just this past January to a controversial reception – some, like me, drank in its brand of ridiculously over-the-top action set pieces, others were appalled by its flagrant tastelessness – Vaughn’s film focused on a young street kid (rising star Taron Egerton) who is brought in by a veteran spy (Colin Firth) of a top secret organization and trained to help stop a global threat from a power-hungry billionaire (Samuel L. Jackson like you’ve never seen him before).

Despite some of the controversy it stirred up – from its general tone to that bum note of an ending – the film racked up an impressive $400+ million at the worldwide box office, not bad for a film that wasn’t familiar to audiences outside of comic book readers. It makes sense there’s more coming, really, as the first one was a brilliantly fun introduction to a whole new spy world that provides a counterpoint to the rather po-faced 21st century Bond franchise.

There’s no word yet whether Vaughn will return to direct or write the film (or, indeed, if co-writer Jane Goldman will be involved either) but he’s a very busy man, with projects including an Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards biopic, a Flash Gordon reboot and another adaptation of a comic called “The Golden Age” all on his upcoming plate. I certainly hope he finds room for the Kingsman sequel, however, as he brought a deliriously fun and energetic quality to it the first time around.

Are you looking forward to a Kingsman sequel? Do you want to see Vaughn return or should they give someone else a go? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on Twitter @TOF_UK!

Source: The Wrap