Fresh from last year’s sleeper hit Let’s Be Cops, director Luke Greenfield has been snapped up by DreamWorks to direct his original screenplay Destiny.

Billed as a supernatural romance ” about a struggling designer who must overcome his fears and uncertainty,” Greenfield co-wrote the screenplay with Dana Stevens who has experience in this area, given her credits include the slushy Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven and the Nicolas Cage remake City of Angels.

The script has been languishing in development hell since the late nineties, before Holly Bario, president of DreamWorks, snapped it up when Greenfield recently pitched it to her.

Ironically, Greenfield was always destined to work with DreamWorks; his mother sent a letter and her son’s Super 8 movies to studio head Steven Spielberg when Greenfield was just 16, with the iconic director responding with a letter of encouragement stating that “someday our paths will cross”.

Destiny has no set release date yet but we’ll keep you updated.

Sources: Deadline, Variety (image)