Not content to let any movie series fade away, Hollywood is moving ahead with a brand new movie in The Fugitive franchise, which started way back in the ’60s with the classic David Jannsen TV series before being turned into a hugely successful, Oscar-winning movie starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones and a further sequel beyond that.

Deadline has the word on the new Warner Bros. movie, which is being written by Christina Hodson – a hot new writing talent behind the upcoming Eden Project and Naomi Watts thriller Shut In – and sees the original film’s producers Arnold and Anne Kopelsen returning. Frustratingly there’s no word if Ford or Jones will be doing the same but if Ford did, it would see him reprising yet another one of his classic roles, joining Han Solo in the new Star Wars and Rick Deckard in the planned Blade Runner sequel.

In case you don’t know, the original hit ABC series followed Dr. Richard Kimble, a surgeon who gets accused of killing his wife and subsequently goes on the run to clear his name, leaving clues for a determined cop about a mysterious one-armed man along the way. The idea beautifully transitioned onto the big-screen 30 years later, resulting in massive box office success and seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, with Jones winning his for Best Supporting Actor (still a sore point for those who thought Ralph Fiennes or Leonardo DiCaprio should have won instead).

Jones was actually the one who helped further the series by starring in the less-fondly remembered sequel U.S. Marshalls, which saw his character go on a manhunt involving Wesley Snipes and Robert Downey Jr. Does that make it more likely that Jones will return once more rather than Ford?

The plan is to start shooting the new Fugitive movie in early 2016.

Source: Deadline