You might not immediately connect Paul Greengrass with the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix but the director has set his sights on the long-gestating biopic of the man.

Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures has finally reached a deal with the Hendrix’s estate after four long years of waiting – the estate originally refused them the rights, despite the then-script being on the lauded Hollywood “black list” of great scripts – and are in talks with Greengrass to helm the film. The script will be written by Scott Silver, who made waves a few years ago with The Fighter (and to a lesser degree 8 Mile before it).

Bourne fans will still be very happy to know that Greengrass is committed to and working on another sequel with Matt Damon returning in the role but the director will be free after that, so if it’s still as much of a passion project for him as it was four years ago, it will most likely be his next directorial project.

A sort-of Hendrix biopic surfaced last year, Jimi: All Is by My Side, written/directed by 12 Years a Slave Oscar-winning writer John Ridley and starring Andre Benjamin as the man himself but, beyond an admittedly striking resemblance and studied performance, it was a rather dull and disappointing affair, mainly because they weren’t allowed to use any of Hendrix’s big songs. Fans of the inimitable musician will be very glad to hear that the Greengrass-helmed biopic will have no such issues, with permission granted to use the likes of Purple Haze and Foxy Lady.

No word yet on who they’re planning to cast as Hendrix himself although four years ago Greengrass had held talks with Anthony Mackie. With Mackie’s recent jump to success in The Avengers franchise, we could very well see those talks start up again.

Do you think Greengrass is a good fit for this biopic? And who should play the musician himself?

Source: Deadline