Boba Fett is to be the focus of the second “Star Wars Anthology” film, seemingly confirming rumours that first surfaced earlier this year.

Due for release in May 2018, the as-yet-untitled film is currently director-less, following the departure of Josh Trank (rumours abound as to why). Simon Kinberg is scripting, with earlier reports pointing to old-hand Lawrence Kasdan also contributing a draft. Kasdan and Kinberg are reputed to form the “brain trust” of the Star Wars franchise going forward, guiding the direction of the “Anthology” films and any other media which is to be designated as officially canon to the saga.

The body-armoured bounty hunter has always been a fan favourite since his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back whereas his appearance in Attack of the Clones garnered much less enthusiastic notices.

If the film did include any mention of Fett’s origin, it remains to be seen whether the material from “Clones” will be taken as gospel.  The prequels have merited very little mention in any Force Awakens publicity thus far, so a complete retcon of Fett’s beginnings may not be out of the question. The more likely scenario is that the film would focus on Fett’s early adventures as a bounty hunter, the time-period of which would be relatively uncharted territory for filmed Star Wars entertainment.

In other news, Vanity Fair has debuted a photo-spread and accompanying interview focusing on the making of The Force Awakens, with the cover featuring a group shot of John Boyega (Finn); Daisy Ridley (Rae); Harrison Ford (Han Solo); Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and BB-8 (herself).

The interview includes choice quotes from director JJ Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy alongside a better look at villain Kylo Ren (this time unmasked), with Adam Driver finally confirmed to be playing him. Oscar Isaac gets a hero shot as Poe Dameron and the magazine has first-looks at Captain Phasma – the chrome-armoured stormtrooper officer played by Gwendoline Christie and Lupita N’Yongo’s motion-captured character, the pirate Maz Kanata.

Check out the revealing pics in our gallery below:

The untitled second “Star Wars Anthology” film is released in May 2018.  Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is unleashed on December 18th this year.

Sources: The Wrap, Vanity Fair