It all started more than 30 years ago when Chevy Chase took his Griswold family on a National Lampoon’s Vacation. Now we’re getting another Vacation for a whole new generation and we have a brand new red band trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Vacation sees Ed Helms take up the mantle of the leader of the Griswolds, the son of Chase’s character from the original film. He is joined by cast members Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, Charlie Day and, erm, Thor himself Chris Hemsworth.

The plot follows Helms’ Rusty Griswold (originally played by Anthony Michael Hall) as he takes his family on a road trip to “Walley World” in an attempt to spice things up with his wife and reconnect with his increasingly disinterested sons.

Check out the very NSFW trailer below:

I like the meta angle of the trailer, letting us know that even if you don’t remember the original film, this one will stand on its own. And sure it’s infantile and crass but the original sort of had that, too, although it also had a healthy dose of heart to go along with it. The new Vacation trailer puts more emphasis on the gross-out stuff but here’s hoping that’s just the marketing and the actual film itself has that depth to stop it from being just another vulgar Hollywood comedy.

What do you make of the trailer?

Vacation is set for UK release on November 13th this year.