Retro is a regular feature highlighting classic and older movies, whether that be an original trailer, poster, still image or scene.

I have recently been working my way through the extensive Friday the 13th franchise for the first time. I had only ever seen the first one many years ago but decided it was time I watched it again and tick the rest of them off my watch list. As with any horror franchise, the quality of the sequels fluctuate and Friday the 13th is far from the greatest of the slasher franchises, especially compared to the likes of Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street or even the underrated Hellraiser series.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan is the worst one that I’ve seen thus far (I still have 4 to go! – for my ranking of the series so far go here) with a bizarre relocation from the woods of Crystal Lake to the streets and alleyways of New York City – Jason literally hitches a ride on a cruise ship before arriving. However, despite its general awfulness it does contain possibly the greatest slasher killer scene in any movie. It really has to be seen to believed – behold! Needless to say it’s ridiculous graphic and has some strong language so NSFW.