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Reviews In Short: Boyhood, Chef, Cold In July, Begin Again & Pudsey the Dog: The Movie

Today we look at landmark coming-of-age drama Boyhood, food comedy Chef, '80s throwback thriller Cold in July, musical dramedy Begin Again and kids adventure Pudsey

July 22, 2014 Reviews In Short
eiff-2014-well-never-have-paris 0 EIFF 2014: We’ll Never Have Paris Overall Score

EIFF 2014: We’ll Never Have Paris

Simon Heldberg (The Big Bang Theory) writes, co-directs and stars in this Woody Allen-esque romantic comedy, which closes this year's

eiff-2014-han-gong-ju 0 EIFF 2014: Han Gong-ju Overall Score

EIFF 2014: Han Gong-ju

This powerful and affecting true story-based South Korean drama is one of the definite highlights of EIFF

eiff-2014-snowpiercer 0 EIFF 2014: Snowpiercer Overall Score

EIFF 2014: Snowpiercer

Chris Evans and John Hurt star in this fantastic futuristic sci-fi that marks the English-language debut of brilliant South Korean director Bong Joon-ho

eif-2014-we-are-monster 0 EIFF 2014: We Are Monster Overall Score

EIFF 2014: We Are Monster

Leeshon Alexander writes and stars in this powerful, if flawed, British prison drama based on a tragic true story

eiff-2014-the-green-inferno 0 EIFF 2014: The Green Inferno Overall Score

EIFF 2014: The Green Inferno

Eli Roth's latest film is a bloodily entertaining gore-fest with some interesting ideas at its core.

eiff-2014-scintilla 0 EIFF 2014: Scintilla Overall Score

EIFF 2014: Scintilla

A frustratingly inept, dull and derivative military sci-fi horror.

eiff-2014-the-anomaly 0 EIFF 2014: The Anomaly Overall Score

EIFF 2014: The Anomaly

Noel Clarke directs this futuristic sci-fi about a man on the run from a mysterious agency who aim to use mind control.

eiff-2014-let-us-prey 0 EIFF 2014: Let Us Prey Overall Score

EIFF 2014: Let Us Prey

Liam Cunningham stars in this hokey and unconvincing Scottish-set horror thriller.

eiff-2014-hyena-movie-review 0 EIFF 2014: Hyena Overall Score

EIFF 2014: Hyena

Read our review of British crime drama Hyena, which opens this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival

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