50 50 review 0 50/50 Movie Review Overall Score

50/50 Movie Review

Cancer and comedy. Two words that you don’t hear together very often. And rightly so. It’s a serious illness that affects millions of people around

November 25, 2011 Movie Reviews
Arthur Christmas 0 Arthur Christmas Movie Review Overall Score

Arthur Christmas Movie Review

Arthur Christmas comes to us courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation and Aardman, the latter of which is best known for Wallace and Gromit. This doesn’t

November 24, 2011 Movie Reviews
THE AWAKENING 0 The Awakening Movie Review Overall Score

The Awakening Movie Review

The Awakening continues the time honoured tradition of the haunted house movie, one that takes itself extremely seriously. Evoking other 21st century horrors such as

November 16, 2011 Movie Reviews
The Deep Blue Sea 0 The Deep Blue Sea (2011) Movie Review Overall Score

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) Movie Review

Adapted from the play of the same name by Terence Rattigan, British director Terence Davies returns to fiction-filmmaking after more than a decade with The

November 15, 2011 Movie Reviews
The Rum Diary 0 The Rum Diary Movie Review Overall Score

The Rum Diary Movie Review

The work of the late Hunter S. Thompson has been brought to the big-screen a couple of times now with Where the Buffalo Roam and

November 15, 2011 Movie Reviews
Immortals 0 Immortals Movie Review Overall Score

Immortals Movie Review

It’s hard not to compare Tarsem Singh’s Immortals to Zack Snyder’s historical epic 300 (and to a large extent also Clash of the Titans). Not

November 11, 2011 Movie Reviews
Straw Dogs 0 Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Review Overall Score

Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Review

Sam Peckinpah’s original Straw Dogs caused massive controversy in the UK when it came out in 1971. Alongside Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, Peckinpah’s tale

November 07, 2011 Movie Reviews
Tower Heist 0 Tower Heist Movie Review Overall Score

Tower Heist Movie Review

I have to admit I have a soft spot for movies involving a group of people, all with different skill sets, who come together to

November 02, 2011 Movie Reviews
Anonymous movie review 0 Anonymous Movie Review Overall Score

Anonymous Movie Review

The central premise of Anonymous, that William Shakespeare never wrote any of his famous works, is completely ludicrous and what unfolds is similarly, and perhaps

November 01, 2011 Movie Reviews
In Time movie review 0 In Time Movie Review Overall Score

In Time Movie Review

In Time is one of those movies where the premise is a lot cooler and more interesting than the execution. The idea of a world

November 01, 2011 Movie Reviews
The Ides of March movie review 0 The Ides of March Movie Review Overall Score

The Ides of March Movie Review

The Ides of March is a movie to see for its cast more than anything else. It is a chance to see a bunch of

October 29, 2011 Movie Reviews
The Adventures of Tintin movie review 0 The Adventures of Tintin Movie Review Overall Score

The Adventures of Tintin Movie Review

I don’t know whether it’s better or worse that you are a fan of the original Tintin comics before seeing Steven Spielberg’s adaptation. On the

October 24, 2011 Movie Reviews
Contagion movie review 0 Contagion Movie Review Overall Score

Contagion Movie Review

Contagion is the latest film from the ever diverse Steven Soderbergh, a director who can go from mainstream fair like the entertaining Ocean’s series to

October 21, 2011 Movie Reviews
Midnight In Paris movie 0 Midnight In Paris Movie Review Overall Score

Midnight In Paris Movie Review

Woody Allen, one of America’s most prolific directors, takes his neurotic sensibilities and sort of turns them on their head as he takes a cinematic

October 07, 2011 Movie Reviews
Tyrannosaur movie 0 Tyrannosaur Movie Review Overall Score

Tyrannosaur Movie Review

The always dependable British character actor Paddy Considine has decided to turn his hand to feature length writing and directing with the utterly powerful Tyrannosaur,

October 07, 2011 Movie Reviews
Drive 0 Drive Movie Review Overall Score

Drive Movie Review

Get ready for the coolest movie of the year. Nicholas Winding Refn – who previously brought is the deceptively slow-paced Valhalla Rising and the out-there

September 20, 2011 Movie Reviews
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