Laura Dern is currently in talks to star alongside Michael Keaton in The Founder, a biographical drama charting the beginnings of the McDonald’s fast food empire.

Dern will play Ethel, the first wife of Ray Kroc, the man who saw the franchise potential of the fast food operation owned by Mac and Dick McDonald. Kroc eventually took the business from them to build the giant of a brand we know today.

Recent Oscar nominee (and de facto runner-up) Keaton is already signed to play Ray, with The Wrestler scribe Robert D. Siegel on scripting duties.  John Lee Hancock, director of the awards-friendly The Blind Side and the sort-of awards friendly Saving Mr Banks is calling the shots.

Harvey Weinstein is probably already eyeing up another trip to the Kodak theatre in 2017, when his Weinstein Company release The Founder in November 2016 in the US, with a UK release likely to follow in early 2017.

Do you think the McDonald’s story could make for an interesting biopic?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter